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Hosting a Virtual or Hybrid Fundraising Gala: 5 Tips

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the world was forever changed. The pandemic’s impact extended far beyond the actual disease and the terrible health crisis. One of the many changes we saw was in the nonprofit sector. Organizations needed to quickly shift their events from an in-person venue to becoming virtually accessible. At first, event planners […]

Aligning Digital and Print Content Strategy for Nonprofits

Imagine you get a postcard in the mail from a nonprofit you’ve supported. It displays a photo of a smiling kid holding a backpack. The words “Because of supporters like you, Maya can go to school with all of the supplies she needs.” You’re so inspired by the messaging, that you decide to give to […]

Donor Recognition: 7 Best Practices & Ideas for Nonprofits

We all remember these dreaded words from our parents after childhood birthdays: “Don’t forget to write your thank-you notes!” As grueling as the handwritten thank-you note process was when we were little, we can all recognize that expressing gratitude for a gift is the polite thing to do. In the world of nonprofits, expressing gratitude […]

Training Your Nonprofit Marketing Team: FAQ and Resources

Marketing is still a bad word in a lot of nonprofit circles. It’s easy to see why.  Unfortunately, the whole field of marketing, especially for businesses, is stained with bad example after bad example. For those of us of a certain age, it can be summed up in a series of very popular 1980s Isuzu […]


5 Best Practices for More Effective Fundraising Letters

Fundraising letters are the backbone of any nonprofit’s direct mail fundraising strategy. Having the most effective fundraising letter possible maximizes the impact of your organization’s marketing spend and helps drive the most donations to ensure you can do what you do best—serve your cause. To help you make the most out of your fundraising letters, […]

Raising More with Effective Crowdfunding Practices: 5 Tips

Did you know that the first known example of a successful crowdfunding campaign took place in 1997 when a British rock band called Marillon raised more than $60,000 online to fund their reunion tour? That was a huge milestone for online fundraising. In the 20+ years since crowdfunding’s inception, individuals, teams, and organizations have continued […]


Nonprofit ADA Compliance & Web Accessibility: 3 FAQs

Your nonprofit’s website is the hub of your organization’s online presence. This is where you host important information about your mission and programming, promote your fundraisers, post involvement opportunities, collect donations, and more.  Clearly, your website is a critical tool for marketing your mission and connecting with your supporters, whether they’ve just heard of your […]