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Our fundraising letters are all pre-written and easily modified. Pick the template that’s right for you and have your finalized letters written in minutes!

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Tell your story. Connect with supporters. Raise money for your cause.

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Whether you’re just getting started with fundraising or are a seasoned professional with decades of experience, our letters will help take your outreach to the next level!

A growing library of more than 80 fundraising letters

All of our letters are uniquely crafted for organizations and causes at different stages of the fundraising process. We provide you with fully written and easily modifiable letters that you can edit for your cause.

Download them as a PDF or Word Doc and get started. In addition there’s no fee of any kind to use our letters. We hope you’ll use them to raise more money for your cause.

More than 100,000 individuals have used our Fundraising Letters!

The list of nonprofits and organizations our fundraising letter templates have helped is growing everyday. Whether you’re a small local nonprofit, a PTA, church, or large national organization, we have a wide range of free downloadable letters you can use.

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Check out some of our fundraising letters by each category.

We have a great number of fundraising letters for you to look at!

Start with the core fundraising letters every organization needs.

Every organization needs the core fundraising letters for a range of situations and appeals. We’ve compiled our core letters into one central spot.

Jump-start your fundraising letter with one of theses.

Matching Gift Letters

$4-7 billion in matching gifts go unclaimed every year by nonprofits.

We’ve crafted matching gift letters to help encourage your donors to see if their employers will match their donations.

Check out our matching gift fundraising letter templates!
We have a great collection of sponsorship fundraising letters!

Craft a Great Sponsorship Letter

Hosting an event? Reaching out to corporations?

We’ve created a range of sponsorhip letters to help you connect with corporations who may be willing to support your cause.

Donation Request Letters

Don’t be afraid to ask your supporters for donations.

Check out our collection of donation request letters, for any organization and any situation.

Check out our list of top donation request letters.

What a few of our website visitors have said

Thank you so much for putting these together. The templates are well written and are a great starting point for all our fundraising appeals! I saved the downloadable resource with all of the letter templates and refer to it whenever I’m writing a new letter to a donor or corporate sponsor.

I love these fundraising letter templates. Your examples really make the difference during the heat of our campaigns. I can just share these with my team and know that they’ll have no problem reaching out to donors. Thank you!

Our school runs multiple fundraisers throughout the year and reaching out to parents to get them involved is the key to a successful fundraiser. I don’t have a background in nonprofits so these fundraising letters have been extremely helpful. There’s a template for nearly every letter I’ve needed to write. I’m able to download the document and then tweak it to our school’s exact needs.