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How to Create Stronger Communities By Serving and Giving

Whether you’re the CEO of a profitable company, the pastor of a small church, or the head of a local school’s PTA, your organization has great potential to impact its community. A strong community is key to gaining unprecedented support, which is why you should dedicate time to cultivating relationships with your community. Charitable giving […]

What Your Nonprofit Should Know About Assistive Technology

Did you know that an estimated 2.5 billion people use some form of assistive technology every day? That’s about 32% of the world’s population! Assistive technology is any device or software solution that helps people with temporary or permanent disabilities communicate, interact, and learn independently.  As Kanopi explains in their roundup of top nonprofit websites, […]

Nonprofit CRM Software: A Crash Course and How to Use It

Every nonprofit starts the same way: a cause that inspires passion and a few people willing to pitch in to try to change something. Most nonprofits start with Excel spreadsheets because they’re a convenient, free way to list donors and members and keep track of who gave what At some point, every nonprofit outgrows spreadsheets. […]