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4 Tips for Using Your CRM to Foster Supporter Engagement

Engaged supporters are key to your nonprofit’s success. For your organization to retain a strong base of support, you need a consistent strategy for communicating with donors and cultivating relationships throughout the year. However, managing all of these crucial relationships can be a challenge. That’s where your nonprofit’s CRM, or constituent relationship management software, comes in. […]

Requesting In-Kind Donations: Answering 3 Key Questions

Nonprofits are constantly looking for ways to sustain themselves and power their mission year after year. While most nonprofits eagerly search for strategies to help them garner more donations, there’s another, often-overlooked method of support—in-kind donations. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at in-kind donations and how they can help your organization. This article will […]

A Guide to Fundraising Outreach for Dance Studios: 3 Tips

If your business is operating on a limited budget and needs more funds, it’s likely time to create a fundraising plan. Fundraising is an important part of running a sustainable business, allowing your studio to bring in extra revenue to supplement your day-to-day expenses. While you might immediately associate fundraising with nonprofits, many small businesses leverage […]

Engaging Virtual Fundraising Events: 4 Programming Tips

Your nonprofit is always on the lookout for ways to step up your donor engagement and bring in more revenue. You’ve likely hosted a variety of in-person events before, but have you considered taking the entire fundraising process online? Virtual fundraising is one of the most powerful strategies at nonprofits’ disposal. With virtual fundraising, your […]

How Donor Analytics Can Boost Involvement at Your Nonprofit

It’s no secret that highly involved supporters are essential for your nonprofit to further its mission. Retaining donors and building long-term relationships with them allows you to bring in the consistent funding you need to run your programs and operate your organization. Plus, your volunteers, event participants, and advocates play their own critical roles in your mission, […]

Supporter Stewardship: 5 Ways to Build Lasting Connections

It’s no secret that supporters lie at the center of any nonprofit or association’s long-term success. In many cases, they make donations, volunteer, and even pay membership dues in support of your organization. To maintain and strengthen these connections, organizations must craft an effective supporter stewardship plan. That means developing a strategy to keep donors […]

Hosting a Virtual or Hybrid Fundraising Gala: 6 Smart Tips

The time has come for your nonprofit’s annual fundraising gala. However, you find yourself facing an entire laundry list of planning to get through to ensure that the gala is a success—from securing a venue to lining up the evening’s entertainment. Fortunately, there’s a way to lessen the load on your nonprofit’s event committee and budget. Why […]