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Microinteractions 101: A Guide for Nonprofit Marketers

Your nonprofit’s website is one of its most impactful digital marketing tools. It’s the hub for all important information about your organization and allows your supporters to get involved in a multitude of ways. However, making your website stand out from the crowd can be a tough feat. It’s the little things that make the […]

Top 4 Digital Marketing Tips to Grow Your Small Business

In the digital age, your small business’s customers are bound to search online to discover the next great restaurant, learn more about the trendy new cafe in town, or peruse Google reviews of local dog boarding facilities. Studies show that 75% of these customers will visit the local stores they research within 24 hours. This statistic reveals just how important […]

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4 Tips to Acquire Corporate Sponsorships for Your Nonprofit

Corporate sponsorships are beneficial for nonprofits for various reasons, the largest of which is increased financial support for their mission. Plus, with funding from donors and sponsors, nonprofits will be able to diversify their revenue streams, resulting in a more sustainable financial future. If you’re looking for tips to secure more sponsorships for your organization, you’re in […]


Nonprofit Fundraising Event Planning: 4 Essential Tips

Whether you’re fundraising for a new program or securing funds for your capital campaign, events are essential for nonprofit fundraising. However, with over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations registered in the U.S. alone, your organization must set itself apart from others through its events. We’ve put together this guide to help you plan a nonprofit fundraising event sure to […]

How to Analyze SMS Marketing Results: 3 Metrics to Track

Every nonprofit professional understands how important analytics are. Whether you’re tracking donor behavior, fundraising campaign success, or the effectiveness of your marketing, analyzing your nonprofit’s data is the best way to learn how well your strategies are performing and how you can improve them. The same is true for SMS marketing. If you’re new to this marketing […]


3 Marketing Moves to Strengthen Your Membership Recruitment

Your membership-based organization likely leverages tools like email and social media to market your initiatives and promote your mission. While effective, these marketing strategies are standard and your supporters probably expect them. Diversifying your marketing strategies can help you reach new audiences, track helpful metrics, and engage your current membership community. Consider elevating your marketing […]

Design 101: 3 Elements to Include in Nonprofit eCards

eCards are an innovative way to connect with supporters, raise funds, and market your nonprofit. With nearly limitless design options and the ability to be sent instantly, eCards are ideal for nonprofits that want to reach out to supporters in creative, memorable ways. However, eCard technology is just the initial building block. It’s up to your […]

3 Tips to Make Interactive Experiences with Nonprofit Cloud

Interactive experiences help nonprofits engage with supporters on a deeper level. These experiences encourage supporters to interact with your nonprofit actively rather than passively. For example, social media posts facilitate two-way communication between nonprofits and donors by allowing users to like or comment on posts. With its robust capabilities and the ability to access tools housed in […]

Wealth Screening in Higher Education Fundraising: 6 Tips

Donor outreach can be expensive for nonprofits and higher education institutions. Consider the process of collecting ten gifts of $100 each versus one gift of $1,000. While you’ll end up with the same amount in the end, it ultimately takes more time, energy, and funds to successfully solicit smaller gifts from ten individual donors as […]

How Camp Mobile Apps Transform Engagement with Parents

Most businesses and other organizations need the support of an outside party to be successful. For example, nonprofits need to steward donors to ensure their continued support. Businesses must create innovative products or offer services that their customers enjoy. And camps need to build their community and secure the interest and engagement of parents. There are a […]