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4 Key Qualities to Look for in a Google Ad Grant Agency

According to Nonprofits Source, The Google Ad Grants program has provided $10 billion in free advertising to more than 115,000 nonprofits across 51 countries since 2003. That’s a lot of numbers, so let’s break it down. The Google Ad Grant is a completely free $10,000 monthly grant offered to eligible nonprofits in the form of […]

4 Innovative Non-Dues Revenue Ideas for Associations

For most associations, membership dues keep the organization up and running. Because members must renew their memberships each year to remain active and retain access to benefits, this is a fairly reliable stream of revenue for associations. Since strong, consistent membership is key to growing your association, it’s important to satisfy and engage members to motivate them […]

How to Guide Donors from Emails to Your Donation Page

On average, working adults receive 120 emails a day. That means that each time your nonprofit sends an email, it’s competing with over a hundred other messages vying for each supporter’s attention. In these crowded inboxes, how do you make your emails stand out? Once they do catch your recipients’ attention, how do you lead supporters […]

5 Top Fundraising Ideas for Performing Arts Programs

As a performing arts program administrator, you’re likely familiar with the opportunities and challenges that come with fundraising for your department. Fundraising supplements the revenue you generate from selling tickets to student shows and major gifts to your college. Besides helping make your program the best it can be, fundraising builds mutually beneficial relationships between the performing […]

Taking Nonprofit Marketing to the Next Level: 4 Strategies

Growing your nonprofit requires regularly reaching out to your current donors and grabbing the attention of new potential supporters, whether it be to spread awareness about your programs, promote an upcoming event, or request support for an ongoing advocacy campaign. As such, marketing is a core skill for nonprofit professionals, and routinely analyzing and updating […]

How to Raise Money For Your Animal Shelter: 4 Ideas

As an animal shelter owner, advocate, or volunteer, it’s no secret that you’re passionate about ensuring the animals in your care are safe, healthy, and suitable for adoption. But to make a significant impact on the lives of your furry friends, you need access to ample resources. Organizing a fundraiser and making donation requests can help you raise […]

5 Essential Tips for Writing Church Fundraising Letters

Churches require money to keep offering services to their communities. Tithes and offerings help support the cost of operation, but intentional church fundraising initiatives are key to staying afloat and providing influential service in the long run.  Regardless of denomination, fundraising is a necessity. Along with hosting traditional fundraising events, many churches and community organizations […]

What is the Microsoft Ad Grant? What Nonprofits Should Know

What is the Microsoft Ad Grant? What Nonprofits Should Know When you go to a theater, you naturally pay attention to center stage. In fact, theaters are structured so that center stage can be viewed from almost every seat. The lead actors and actresses are rarely far from this specific location. Believe it or not, […]

4 Awesome Tools for Creating a Nonprofit Logo

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “the golden arches?” Whatever image your brain conjures, one thing’s certain: you associate McDonald’s with this phrase. This nickname stems from the chain’s iconic logo, one of the most recognizable in the world. Logos have the potential to associate favorable qualities with your brands, such […]